Who We are


  1. To Proclaim: This church shall exist for the glorifying of God; it shall be accessible to all peoples and shall seek to be efficient in its working. Its purposes shall be to proclaim the total plan of redemption as made manifest in the life and death of Christ for our sins, His burial and glorious resurrection, His ascension to the high priestly office, and the extension of His personality through world missions and final consummation of His church in His glorious return. (1 Cor. 15-1-4; Matt. 28:16-20; Heb. 9; 1 Thes. 4:16-18).
  2. To Minister: This church shall seek to minister to the spiritual and moral needs of all mankind, regardless of race, color, culture, national or social origin, for the church is the bride of Christ, (Eph. 5:25-27 “…As Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her, so that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the Word, that HE might present the church to Himself in glorious splendor, without spot pr wrinkle or any such thing – that she might be holy and faultless…” (Amplified N.T.)


It shall also be the aim of this body of believers to minister to the material needs of the indigent to an extent consistent with our potential and in accordance with Christian principles.

Churches planting churches

Rev. Jimi Orekoya- ByStorm Church
Rev. John Ronah- Kenyan Fellowship
Rev. Israel Kelly -A Better City
Rev. Cephas Agbesi – Honeywell Baptist Chapel

Since 1973 the “midnight prayer” group assembled every Thursday from 8:00pm to midnight. Other groups that have since started are the “Monday Night Prayer” group, and the “Tuesday Night Lay Evangelism” Team. Each week these groups meet for prayer, then they fan out into the community for visitation, social action, and witnessing. Sunday evening worship service, and the Wednesday evening prayer meeting/ bible study continue to be held once a week. The desire for individual spiritual reflection and enrichment led to church wide involvement in a lay renewal weekend in 1984-85. Since then participation in a week long lay renewal conference is an annual event for some members.

Bronx Baptist Church is deeply conscious of the missionary purpose of the church, and seeks to under God never to loose sight of this urgency. Sponsored missions have included, Wake-Eden Community Baptist Church, Honeywell Baptist Chapel, Inter-denominational Fellowship of Co-op City, Grace Baptist Chapel, and the co-sponsoring of a Haitian mission. Plans are now being formulated to reestablish a Spanish mission at the Honeywell Avenue chapel. Bronx Baptist is very committed to street evangelism and recognizes it as an important avenue to spread the good news of salvation. That is why each year during July and August they conducted services weekly in the streets of various Bronx neighborhoods. In 1980, missions friends, Girls-In-Action, and Acteens auxiliaries began an aggressive involvement in missions. To date they regularly minister to the sick and shut in members and join in with a group of adults to minister weekly to residents of various nursing homes in the Bronx.

A prison ministry also exist, and twice monthly they minister to inmates of two juvenile correctional facilities in New York. Music provides another avenue of missionary outreach for the youth.

The social outreach program of the church extends into the arena of health, Christian education, and housing. The Medical Fellowship, composed of healthcare workers of the congregation, ministers to the health related needs of the Church members and the community through seminars, blood pressure, CPR training, and annual health fair and round the clock nursing care for very ill members as needed. With assistance from Federal funds the church operates a Food Service program to benefit needy families in the community. Recently a Soup Kitchen was started, and the kitchen now feed 150 or more people per Saturday. They are given a balanced hot meal prepared by church members and friends.

Early childhood education with a spiritual dimension is provided by a fully licensed Day Care program. Each year Summer Day Camp and Vacation Bible School minister to scores of community children and provide work sites for dozens of City Youth Corp workers. Along with other churches in the Bronx and through the active participation of the Pastor in community and borough-wide organizations, Bronx Baptist Church was instrumental in organizing the Twin Parks Association, which is a group of churches and community organizations working together to provide housing for the community. They provide 3000 unit of low income housing, two Day Centers, and number amenities. Bronx Baptist Church continues to contribute to the unending struggle to obtain such amenities as more and better housing, schools, sanitation, and medical care for community residence.

Bronx Baptist Church is supported in its efforts by the commitments of the Pastor and members, and also the sacrifice of many Missions Service Corp volunteers of the SBC, who serves for varying lengths of time as teachers, Day Camp counselors and “Sweat Evangelists.” The latter involves a careful blending of plumbing, carpentry, and masonry, with witnessing. Over the years approximately 900 Southern Baptist laymen from 30 states have come to Bronx Baptist Church to work with the Shepherd Restoration Corp through the Bronx Baptist Church in housing rehabilitation in the South Bronx, contributing approximately $500,000 in “Sweat Equity.”
Most of those who have benefited from the social outreach programs of the church have yet to respond to the claim of Christ on upon their lives and to recognize that He satisfies the needs of the whole person. This will always remain the challenge of the church. Thus, as we look to the future, our goal for the next decade will be a four pronged one. First, to expand the social ministry of the church to better meet the needs of the community; Second, to develop a discipleship program to train church member in the tool of personal witnessing; Third, to realize the expansion of the physical facilities of the church, thus, providing more space for church use and educational use; Fourth, to develop the existing chapels and the establishing of two more missions.

Our Story

The vision of a ministry in the Bronx was born in the mind of Rev. D. A. Morgan, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Brooklyn (now called the Evergreen Baptist Church) and affiliates of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). This vision was realized with the commissioning of Samuel and Lola Simpson in the summer of 1964. Together with representatives of the First Baptist Church and a small group of dedicated Christian friends, the Simpsons met regularly for prayer meetings in the apartment of Cecelia Robinson at 2114 Daly Avenue in the Bronx, NY. In answer to their prayers, God directed them to a small two family house at 2024 Honeywell Avenue, which was then purchased by the Home Mission Board of the SBC (now called the North American Mission Board). On Thursday, November 6, 1964, the Bronx Baptist Chapel was dedicated to the glory of God. Present at the service were community people, officers of Metropolitan Baptist Association, members of the Evergreen Baptist Church, Pastors of neighboring churches, and the following individuals: Hyacinth Francis, Patricia and Hervin Rattray, Cecelia Robinson, Voris Walker and Samuel and Lola Simpson, who had all committed themselves to the work.

The mission grew steadily and it seemed obvious to all that God’s blessings were with this small group of dedicated believers. Exactly two years later, November 6, 1966, the Bronx Baptist Chapel, with an enrolment of 64 members, was constituted into a church. The Home Mission Board, recognizing the spiritual zeal and missionary outlook of the ministry under the leadership of Reverend Samuel Simpson, appointed him Associate Missionary. They later named him Pastor-Director for Southern Baptist work in the Bronx, and in 1971 he was appointed to full missionary status. With an expanding congregation, the building at Honeywell Avenue was no longer adequate. A prayerful search led to the current building at 331 East 187 th Street. In April 1970, they moved in and held a service of rededication.


Dr. Simpson embarked on the prayerful and arduous work of church planting. Over the years church plants have included, the Wake-Eden Community Baptist Church, Honeywell Baptist Church, Inter-denominational Fellowship of Co-op City (now called the Protestant Community Church), Grace Baptist Chapel, and the co-sponsoring of Haitian Bronx Baptist Church. Currently, the Bronx Baptist Church sponsors four church plants – the Kenyan Fellowship Church in New Jersey (Pastor John Ronoh), Power Point Baptist Church also in New Jersey (Pastor Cephas Agbesi), and ByStorm Church here in the Bronx (Pastor Jimi Orekoya). The fourth church plant is a sponsorship of A Better City Movement Church (Pastor Israel Kelly); in which we partnered to establish a Hispanic work in this neighborhood here at this sight. This partnership began in January 2015 and involves offering service in Spanish, and joint services once per quarter in English and Spanish.

Community Outreach

The programs of the church extend into the arena of health, Christian education, and affordable housing. With the assistance of a Federal grant and hunger funds from our State Convention, the church operates a Food Pantry program and a Soup Kitchen to benefit families in our community. A fully licensed Day Care and Learning Center, Summer Camp, and After School program have been in operation since 1977.


In October 2011, after 47 of pastoral leadership, the Founding Pastor, The Late Reverend Dr. Samuel G. Simpson, retired from active ministry. He went home to be with the Lord on February 23, 2015. The vision and the dream continue under the leadership of the Reverend Frank Williams, who served under Dr. Simpson’s leadership and mentorship for 20 years. God has also added to the ministry two Associate Pastors, the Reverend Pedreto Graham-Brown, also a son of this ministry, and the Revered Dr. Pauline Heslop, who has served faithfully in this church for over 40 years. Together they continue to communicate the changeless Christ in a changing community, city, and world.