Program Information

Educational Director: Mrs. Rachel Aulet-McGann, M.S. (Early Childhood and Students with Disabilities)
Executive Director: Reverend Frank Williams
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday • 7:30AM – 6:00PM.
Contact Number: 718 933-4201 or 718 933-4095

The Bronx Baptist Day Care & Learning Center is a pre-school licensed by the Department of Health of the City of New York to provide early childhood education for children 2 to 5 years of age. This early childhood education program is conducted in multiple classes. Our teaching staff plans age appropriate activities for the children to foster their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development.

Each day children are provided with breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. All meals are determined by the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) requirements and standards.

School uniforms are worn during the regular school year from September to June. During the summer months of July and August regular casual clothing is encouraged.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program (UPK)

Through the New York State Education Department, we provide FREE FULL DAY Universal Pre-Kindergarten for children turning four this calendar year. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER YOUR CHILD CALL 718-933-4201 TODAY. The Universal Prekindergarten Program was designed in 1997 to provide four-year-old children with an opportunity to access comprehensive thematic early childhood education experiences that promote the children’s cognitive, linguistic, physical, cultural, and social development.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to become active members of the Center’s Parent’s and Teachers Association (PTA). The PTA plans quarterly meetings from 6:00PM to 7:00PM. Parent/ Teacher conferences are held twice a year or on an as needed basis.

Parents are welcome to visit, volunteer, and accompany classes on trips. They participate in fundraising events that further enable the Center to enrich the program with special equipment and materials.


To find out the cost of care and enroll your child call the Bronx Baptist Day Care & Learning Center at (718) 933-4201 and ask for our Educational Director. MID-YEAR UPK REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY ON GOING.

Our Staff

Rachel Aulet-McGann, Educational Director

Sharon Evans-Gordon, Office Administrator

History Of the Center

The Bronx Baptist Day Care & Learning Center was organized in 1977 at a time when the South Bronx was in dire need of hope and stability. In the late 1970’s many families were uneasy and frightened at the daily burning of buildings and the alarming rate of school drop outs among Blacks and Hispanics. This center and its officers were committed to reverse this statistic. It was determined, as a minimum goal, that upon graduation each child would be reading, writing, and doing mathematics at a first grade level. “Aiming for Excellence” soon became the Center’s moto.

Throughout the 1980’s the early childhood education program grew, and artistic expression was integrated in the form of an Annual Spring Concert, which includes music, recitation, and drama. The spiritual focus was maintained (and still is) by daily devotions, that include praise songs, Bible stories, and prayer.

By 2001 the pre-school program was broadened with the addition of the Universal Pre-Kindergarten program and computer-based learning.

The Bronx Baptist Day Care & Learning Center has been blessed over the years by several directors, teachers, and volunteers – each contributing to the growth and stability of the program. Each dedicated to providing excellent early childhood education for children, and each striving to bring out the best in each child.